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My New Website is LIVE

At you can now find out where my next show is, see my past work and learn more about me!


It's been a few months of secret squirrelling behind the scenes but I FINALLY have a new website! A one stop shop, as it were to what I am up to whether it be my new blog, upcoming podcasts, a new TV series, commercial, comedy show, music or merch. I'm so excited to share the new digital me, because baby, every nurse knows that digital is the way of the future!

New Merchandise

If you've been to one of my live shows or seen a video of my sketches, you might like to grab some of my merchandise! Explore the range in my online shop here. The perfect Secret Santa gift for someone who needs a giggle.

People often see me performing on stage, but do not know my full story. My website showcases all of my different talents, career highlights and my multiple personalities...

Yes. Multiple Personalities.

You can check out my blog right here, right now, listen to my music and watch my introduction video on the home page. Go ahead, take a look around! Let's get to know each other a little bit better!

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