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Nurse POV | WARNING from an Immunisation Nurse (Edited)

Short version: A warning from an Immunisation Nurse.

Read the full, unedited version here.

Hello my darlings. Just checking in from this beautiful view today from my ward literally right next to the mountains. This is the musings of an #immunisation #nurse. Take or leave this as you wish.

A little heads up that when (or if) you get your #vax, you will be incredibly emotional. Because this is the crux of our situation.

This past 18 months has been horrendous. The media screams from it's gaping orifice, swallowing anyone who looks in it's direction. We watch from Australia in horror at the world, from our boxed up Noah's Ark as it were. Our safety bubble. Waiting for either the flood to burst the bubble OR for that white dove to appear with that olive branch (wow, where did i pull that religious reference from? )

The uncertainty. The media lies. The medical truth - which is death.

Take it easy, my beautiful one.

Take a deep breath. The olive branch is here.

#Comirnaty. #Pfizer Vaccine. I'm holding liquid gold.

Uggh look at my dried up nail cuticles.

That's repeated exposure to hospital grade hand sanitiser for you.

If you do get #vaxed, be prepared that you MAY be scared more than any other #injection you will have received. It may shock you, how you respond internally. It's only natural, believe me, I was a bit of a mess with mine and I have been holding my patient's hands, crying along with them after I give them theirs.

The joy. The fear, but we got it anyway.

"I made it. I made it to getting the vaccine. I survived." is what I'm hearing from the older community, and certainly #Healthcare workers.

Afterwards...and it may be a week later, a day later, a month later. There may be such a #relief that washes over you. That's how I felt anyway.

I'm not here to argue with anti-medicine opinions. You do what is right for you, hopefully as per advice from your own medically trained physician.

I have personally looked into over 800 nostrils in the past 5 days, I'm certain at least one was positive. I know we are all doing our best. It's all so emotional, let yourself feel it, let the grief flow out and leave you, don't be afraid of that.

This time next year will be so different x

Zule is a proud member of the ANMF VIC and an AHPRA registered practitioner.

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